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SAN HIV Education Update:

SAN encourages the INBA community to understand an important piece of legislation that will be a part of the 2020 Washington State Legislative Session.





SHB 1551


The bill to modernize the STD statutes is now Substitute House Bill (SHB) 1551.

As this bill moves through the process, it is receiving significant push back from representatives who are not in favor of removing the felony for exposure and transmission. For this bill to get through the system without the felony, your representative needs to hear from you.

Contact your representative and work with your community and constituency, your friends and your associates to contact theirs.
Ask everyone you know who cares about HIV and GLBTQ rights to contact their representatives to support SHB 1551.

Here is a potential email to send:


Hello Representative NAME:

I’m a constituent of yours. I live in your district. I’m contacting you in support of SHB 1551.
Medical science has changed dramatically in the 30 years since these laws were first introduced.
We are on the cusp of ending HIV in Washington and we need these laws to be updated to align with present science.
I would like you to vote in support of SHB 1551 with no further amendments.


If you, or your friends, don’t know how to find your representative:
1. Go to
2. Click on “Find Your District” on the left hand column
3. Enter your address into the field provided
4. Your district number and legislators will come up in a box
5. For now: The bill is in the House, so just contact your representative(s), not your senator.

State House Bill 1551 - Current HIV laws were enacted during the height of the AIDS epidemic, when little was known about the infection and most people died within twelve months of diagnosis. Today, we have medications that are able to treat and prevent HIV, leaving the current statute outdated and overly punitive.

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