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Member Spotlight: Brian Newberry and Leadership Spokane
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
-Lao Tzu
Executive Director, Colonel Brian Newberry

 This quote is the first quote used when a Leadership Spokane class starts because we are all on journeys in life and no matter what journey, a single step is required to move forward in life.  Most of Brian Newberry’s steps in life have been in uniform.  Brian is new to the Inland Northwest moving here three years ago when he was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base as Commander, 92d Air Refueling Wing.  He opted to stay, getting to know the patriotic people of the region and had an opportunity to follow Linda Finney who retired after 15 years as an excellent Executive Director of Leadership Spokane. Leadership Spokane’s mission is to deliver dedicated leaders to make our community better.

While at Fairchild, Brian wrote an article following his year-long deployment to Manas, Kyrgyzstan which captures some of his sentiments of the region:

“Inland Northwest Matters  In my short time stationed in the Inland Northwest, I have been absolutely amazed at the support from this All-American community for Fairchild Airmen.  From the decades of support from the Lilac community to local initiatives and campaigns recognizing Airmen, the support backstops all we do from this important Northwest air base.  The community’s support makes us stronger, the Inland Northwest matters.”

Families Matter. It is said there are no courageous Soldiers without courageous families.  Nothing truer can be said.  My wife Jill and sons Mark and Matthew have moved with me 13 times in 21 years.  While some moves have been easier than others, together we have been stronger.  Last year, when I was deployed for a year, my family kept the home front strong, gracefully juggling all the daily activities with one parent absent, which allowed me to focus on the mission overseas.  I have witnessed dozens and dozens of distinguished transfers as fallen soldiers have flown home to return to loved ones.  Every time, it poignantly reminded me our families are our strongest Wingman.  As a military, we can’t do it without them.  Families matter and they always will.

 Leadership Matters.  I have served in a variety of assignments across this great nation.  I often wondered why we in the military always have current pictures of our leaders on the walls.  Over the years, I have seen that the pictures on the walls matter because leadership matters.  Leaders have vision, set objectives and change an organization’s course.  A former Notre Dame President, Theodore Hesburgh, said you can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.  Each place I serve, I endeavor to be a leader who finds the right notes, the right tune for an organization.  I also aim to help other leader’s find their niche or role. A leader is certainly a conductor and some conductors produce better symphonies. Leadership matters.”

These same tenets Brian has sought to bring to Leadership Spokane continuing the tradition of building one leader at a time for over 33 years.  The program’s foundations of knowing Spokane, becoming part of a robust network of 1,100 alumni and learning leadership remain strong.  The program is a 10- month program meeting once a month with program adult participants hailing from businesses, nonprofits, and government sectors.  Each year, Leadership Spokane trains roughly 50 adults and 30 youth who go on to lead across all areas of our community.  The youth program mirrors the adult program consisting of sophomores, juniors and high school seniors.  Both adult and youth apply for the following year online at the Leadership Spokane website from January through March.  Applications are being taken now for the Class of 2017 at


Business with INBA –

Leadership Spokane has a long history of supporting INBA’s mission.  Our already strong ties have been strengthened from many proud Leadership Spokane alumni like INBA’s Membership Manager, Christopher Zilar and President of the Board of Directors, Lance Kissler.  Leadership Spokane continues to stand with INBA’s vision to create an economically robust and civically engaged community through the acceptance of diversity throughout our region.  Leadership Spokane regularly holds themed meetings, and the first of 2016 is regional economy day. Leadership Spokane understands how important economic growth is to strengthening this region and the role that diversity plays in both of our organization’s goals. 

Leadership Spokane Graduation Day – Class of 2015

Please be part of the leadership journey and join 1,100 other alumni dedicated to building this community for a brighter tomorrow.  Leadership Spokane stands ready to lend a hand.

Adult and Youth applications online at

Refer at leader for the upcoming class at

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The INBA gathers local, national, and international news articles relevant to business and community and sends out a newsletter regularly. We would love to add you to our list of newsletter recipients!