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Let’s clear the air for a minute. This isn’t actually a church. It’s a hair salon called CHURCH. And while I know this might be a little confusing, there’s a good reason why it’s named that. CHURCH is a place where you can come as you are and leave as a better version of yourself.
Here’s the thing: a lot of salons say they can make you fit a specific image. But at CHURCH, I’ll help you craft your own. I’ve spent a decade helping a wide variety of people, from average Joes to professional models, express themselves through color, cut, and styling. And what I’ve learned is that everyone has their own version of lookin’ smokin’. One person’s brunette bob is another person’s pink fauxhawk. Whatever your heart’s desire, I’ll help you be the edgiest, or the prettiest, or the coolest, or the weirdest version of YOU. So if you come in wanting the best and brightest version of your blonde locks, I’m not gonna to push you towards a peach and purple mullet. (Unless that’s what you want. It sounds awesome.)
We all look and feel our best when we’re living authentically. Whether your hair is thick or thin, dark, light, or anywhere in between, I’ll enhance the things you like about yourself the most. Come to CHURCH and let’s make you a sensation. Long or short? Thick or thin? Curly or straight? Every head of hair is unique and presents its own personality and challenges regardless of age, gender, or creed.
Company info
Address802 E 29th Ave Suite 1 Spokane 99203
fashion, hair, salon, style
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