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Compassionate Addiction Treatment

We come together each weekday in our welcoming, Recovery Community space.  We spend our days celebrating recovery, healing together, talking, making music, enjoying a cup of coffee, and getting down into the messy spaces of life.

We welcome all in recovery or thinking about recovery.  Our Recovery Community is diverse, with many of us currently experiencing homelessness.  We are a safe space.  We are a compassionate space.

Community is the heart of Compassionate Addiction Treatment (CAT).  CAT believes that community and connection is key to recovery.  We believe that people living with the disease of addiction are faced with pain every day. Pain from not having the drug and experiencing withdrawals, pain due to the activities done to acquire the drug, pain from the reaction and responses towards them from family and community, pain from trauma that may have occurred earlier in life and at minimal, trauma that has occurred while in active use of substances. Due to this pain, relationships with family, friends and community has been fractured. A person finds themselves often feeling hopeless and disconnected.

We come together to heal this pain and reconnect with hope, and with each other; to reconnect with our dreams and aspirations.  To believe in ourselves.  To have the opportunity to live the life we choose to live, rather than the life trauma and addiction dictates that we live.  We do recover.

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Address112 E. 1st, Spokane, WA 99202
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