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Northwest North Pole Adventures

Northwest North Pole Adventures provides to impoverished and at-risk children an exceptional experience by leveraging the magic of Christmas. We demonstrate to these children that they are valued, loved, respected, and not forgotten through a community event that provides a safe and imaginative fantasy immersion that each child will remember and cherish for their entire life.

Our Values

Instill in these children the belief that anything is possible and that their good choices have positive impact and personal reward which will increase their hope of better things to come.

Remove major stress from the families, parents and guardians of these children by enabling them to use their scarce funds for essential needs rather than to provide a meaningful Christmas for their children.

Provide businesses, community agencies, community organizations, and individuals an opportunity to collaborate in a meaningful way that promotes cooperation and develops empathy, relationship skills, organizational skills, creativity, communication, and cooperation.

Enrich the community connections from person to person, business to business, and generation to generation as they work together to demonstrate to these children that many people care about them.

Mentor the older siblings in these families to experience the inner rewards of helping their younger sisters and brother achieve the Christmas fantasy despite the depressed reality they live with every day


Please consider donating time, talent, or treasure to our organization here. 

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